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The High Street

For over 10 centuries the main shopping street in many vilages, towns and cities in the UK has been called the High Street.

The word high in this context meant something excellent or of superior rank meaning that it was the best place to shop in the town. The steet therefore attracted the best merchants which in turn made it more popular.

The face of the high street has evolved over the years but especially in the 20th century. The first major change was the arrival of store with many branches for instance Woolworths and Marks and Spencer. In time these large stores opened branches in many of the high streets and indeed subsequently known as "high street shops" to diferentiate them from the smaller specialised shops.

Another major change was the arrival of the shopping mall. Initially these were built on or near the high street. They increased the number of shoppers visiting the area and had a positive effect on the high street. Subsequently during the latter part of the 20th century out of town shopping malls and supermarkets and later still the out of town cinema complexes began to be developed. This turned out to be a disaster for the high streets leaving some of them almost derelict and devoid of life with only the elderly and the less well off people who couldn't travel to the out of town centres. This left the high street with mainly banks, travel agents, estate agents and charity shops.

So the major "High Street Store" had initially forced out the small retailer by paying the higher rents and now in turn one by one deserted the high street leaving a wilderness behind.

The next shopping innovation hit both the high street and the out of town shopping mall. That was the sudden upsurge on online buying.

High Street or Online

Is it more convenient to shop on line or in your high street or shopping mall. Here you can get the best of both worlds the physical address of some of the major store including Woolworths, W.H. Smiths, Marks and Spencer La Senza and many more so you can shop in your high street and also links to the shops so that you can shop online.

But is convenience the major factor in your shopping experience? Is part of the shopping experience actually enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the market place? Actually seeing, touching the product you wish to buy.

I'm sure there is a place for High st. shops, out of town mall, and online shopping in the 21st century.

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Would you like an opportunity to promote your own High Street online? Now is your chance.

From as little as £5 per year you can have a webpage your own High Street Shop.

The cheapest option will be website forwarding: We will point www.your.highst.co.uk/yourshop to your own webspace. The next option will be an e-mail address yourshop@your.highst.co.uk and 50meg of webspace on our server with the web address www.your.highst.co.uk/yourshop.

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